Surprise Live Show - 'Rain Heavy' Unplugged

Los Angeles is burning. 


Thousands of lives are in drastic danger caused by a gradual rise in temperature; climate change is taking effect. Catastrophic wildfires have been rampaging all throughout Southern California. Here is a list of ways to assist. 


Support your local firefighters. 

These heroes risk their lives every single day to save and protect those who would suffer a great lot more without their aid. 

You can support/donate/join/volunteer with the links below. 

Los Angeles Fire Department Website

Ventura County Fire Department Website


The information provided below was scavenged from an article on The Tribune by Lucas Clark.



Created by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services, American Red Cross of Venture County, and the United Way of Ventura County. 

Donations can be made by calling (805) 485 6288, by texting UWVC to 41444 on United Way of Ventura County’s website, or a mailed check paid out to “Thomas Fire Fund”, 702 County Square Drive, Suite 100, Ventura, CA 93003.



This online crowd-funding platform has created a website with various campaigns to help those in need through the fire and flames. 



300 animals have been rescued since Monday, December 4th. 

Facebook Link to Help out/Donate

Additionally, the Humane Society has created a registry wishlist on with supplies for the diverse group of animals currently being cared for. 

Cash donations may also be made through their website.


Salvation Army VENTURA CORPS

Situated in Ventura County Fairgrounds, they're in need of food and water to help evacuees, and are asking for monetary donations. To donate, call (800) 715 1769 or go to the website



Reptacular Animals Ranch hosts over 500 animals from farm familiars to exotic wildlife. Thankfully, all animals, homeowners and staff escaped safely, but the buildings including there structures that housed the animals, and home of the owners were entirely destroyed. To rebuild the facilities, they are asking for item donations that can be dropped off at 7438 Farmdale Ave, North Hollywood, CA, between 9am-7pm, or email to work out a specific drop-off time if needed. 

Direct donations can also be made at the following feed stores in person or by phone:

Henco - 11025 Fleetwood St, Sun Valley, CA 91352
9am-5pm (Ask for the manager Kay)

Phone: (818) 767 5273

Hemme Hay & Feed Inc - 43719 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, Ca 93534

Phone: (661) 942 7880

Monetary donations can also be made through their GoFundMe campaign page. 



From an article written by Lucas Clark (@LucasClark_SLO), Nicole L. Cvetnic McClatchy and The Sacramento Bee: 

"(1) Contact your insurance companies. Most will cover hotel stays, apart from the usual coverage.

(2) Call your credit card companies and have the last 3-6 months of your purchases reimbursed back (get a police report that testifies you are a fire victim).

(3) If you are renting and are a minor, your parents’ home insurance may cover your belongings.

(4) Call your chain retail stores and see what they can offer to fire victims."

There are evidently quite a bit of scams and 'fake charities' floating about. Further research is likely a beneficial choice of action determining these factors. 


As for me, I ain't no fireman, but I got a guitar and I'll do what I can. 

Here's a rain song I wrote. Hope it helps. 🌧️ 

From a surprise concert at Elderberries Threefold Cafe's new stage. No microphones, no amps, no cables. 


Thanks for listenin'. 

Songwriter Show at Cellar Hollywood

Very grateful to be performing an acoustic set at Cellar Hollywood. Hosted by Daniel Kincaid, featuring an array of talented artists. 

The Middle Annes
A Man Called Jack
Mashley Addison
The Colorful Veil
Damon Harris & Bonnie Root

Friday December 1st, we'll be singing;' and'a playin' 9PM until closing. 

Address: 1643 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Craft beers on tap. 


Thanks for lookin'. 

Updates & Upcoming Shows

A cacophony of musical mixtures in the makings for November and December. 

New music on the way: singles will be released soon, as well as the EP, and a full album soon after for 2018. The website is up'n running, traveling at the speed of light towards intergalaxtical tubes near you. Youtube channel's a go.  

Halftime shows and benefit concerts in the future, and I’ll be’a singin’ and’a playin’ at Elderberries Threefold Cafe, every Tuesday at 13:00 PDT.

Address: 7564 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Free parking behind the cafe. Directions here.

More to come. Thanks for lookin'.